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Air Duct Cleaning Great Falls, MT

Provided by Clean Air Care

Big Sky Cleaning & Restoration in partnership with Clean Air Care specializes in commercial and residential air duct, furnace, chimneys, and dryer duct cleaning. The air you breathe in your home is dirty, like a dirty vacuum bag and every time your furnace or air conditioner runs everyday elements like dust, dirt, pet hair, cooking grease, and smoke are sucked into your air ducts. When the air in your home is not properly cleaned and maintained the amount of dirt, grime, and germs that build up in your air ducts could roughly fill an entire room in your house.


NADCA Certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists (ASCS)

Scope of Work for Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

DUCTWORK: The interior of all accessible ductwork will be either air-washed, brushed or hand vacuum cleaned. Access openings will be made into ductwork where necessary and suck openings will be closed with approved prefabricated access covers, fastened with sheet metal scream and caulked to prevent air leakage. Non accessible areas will be cleaned by air pressure techniques. All ductboard ductwork openings will be opened as per NADCA Standard 05 and resealed with approved FSK foil tape.

AIR DIFFUSER, REGISTERS AND GRILLS: Readily removeable air diffusers, register and grills will be removed, washed and replaced. Readily removable suggests that the air device is not plastered in place, rivets or fastened in such a manner that removal of the air device would be impractical.

DAMPERS AND LOUVERS: Dampers and louvers will be cleaned and reset to previous position.

AIR HANDLING EQUIPMENT: The heating/cooling coils, fan blades, fan housings, dampers and plenu walls will be cleaned. Contractor will not be liable for damage resulting from inoperative drains or defective flooring.

FILTERS: Contractor is responsible for removing and cleaning of filters and filter racks. Contractor will replace disposable filters supplied by the customer or wash metal filters if specified in proposal.

EXTENT OF CLEANING: every effort will be made to clean ductwork and equipment, which includes cutting access openings into ductwork and removing panels from equipment, but we cannot be held responsible for failure to remove dirt that may be inaccessible due to obstructions such as plaster ceilings, fire and masonry walls.

NEGATIVE AIR PRESSURE: Contractor shall provide negative pressure within the duct system during the cleaning process with the use of a HEPA Filtered rated portable vacuum system or truck mounted vacuum system.

PROPERTY PROTECTION: Clean drop cloths or other suitable covering will be used to protect owner’s property and all work areas will be left in broom clean condition.

SUPERVISION: All work will be done under the strict supervision of a thoroughly trained and certified person, thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

UNDER HAZARDOUS COMMUNICATIONS STANDARD 1919.1200: The customer must provide contractor with the knowledge of any hazards that may be encountered at the job site.

PAINTING: During the removal of any registers or grills that have been painted there is the possibility for paint chipping & cracking, it is understood that repainting is the owner’s responsibility.

WORK SCHEDULE: Work to be coordinated with facility, as not to interfere with daily operations.

SMOKE DETECTORS AND EQUIPMENT OPERATION: Owner’s to have their maintenance personnel turn off smoke detectors when cleaning is being performed. Owner’s maintenance personnel to provide operational instructions on equipment being cleaned.

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