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Water & Mold Damage Restoration & Repair Great Falls, MT

Water Damage in homes can occur at any given time. Weather-related flooding is not always the culprit. This can include pipes bursting, plumbing failing, dishwashers malfunctioning, washing machines not draining properly and even a sprinkle that is left on that seeps through the windows. When these problems do occur it can lead to severe problems if not taken care of right away.

Water Damage Services

• 24 Hour Emergency Water Extraction
• Thermal Imaging
• Trained and Certified Applied Structural Drying and Water Damage


• Wall Cavity Drying
• Hardwood Floor Drying and Restoration
• Contents Drying and Storage Available
• Superior Dehumidification including Desiccant Dehumidification
• Non-Invasive and Invasive Testing for your structure
• Sewer Backup Cleaning and Sanitization
• Mold Remediation with highly Certified Personnel
• Rebuild Services

We offer Free Water Damage Restoration Quotes to all our valued customers!

water and mold restoration