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Concrete, Stone, Tile & Grout Resurfacing in Great Falls MT


Natural Stone




Ceramic Tile & Grout

We understand that sometimes a good cleaning no longer brings the shine back to many different types of floors. At this time, it might be a good idea to think about refinishing/resurfacing those floors that used to give a brilliant shine. Refinishing/resurfacing can be a very time-consuming process which can take days even weeks depending on the size of your home. We understand that time is always a factor in your busy schedule. Let us here, at Big Sky Cleaning and Restoration help bring back the shine and save you the time of a do it yourself project.

Signs that you may need to refinish or resurface your flooring

• Warping in areas
• The protective coating has been worn down
• Deep scratches and/or cuts in the flooring
• Visible fibers, chips or divots in flooring
• Mold or cracked caulking

We offer Free Refinishing/resurfacing Quotes to all our valued customers!